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14 Oct

Join Us Dreaming a Brighter World – Da-Fu Mu Oct 15, 2017

Join us in dreaming the world brighter tonight! Jean wrote on the Peacebridge: There is certainly plenty of DaFuMuing that needs doing! 🙂 I really liked pasQuale's incubation for the DaFuMu at the PDC, particularly the "How May I Assist?" part. I'm planning to use...
14 Oct

Consciousness, Coherence and 911

Which role are consciousness and intention playing in creating my reality? My first dark thought "world will change dramatically" came true much brighter than I could possibly conceive of, seeing the shocking pictures of crashing planes 9/11 2001. Now of course I thought of...
25 Aug


Posted By: Ralf Penderak “…, individual minds may combine into networks of entangled minds, giving rise to more complex ‘mind circuits,’ forms of awareness, and collective psi – effects beyond our conception” (Radin D. I., 2006, p. 270) How does quantum...
20 Aug

Dream Visitations from the Divine: A Meeting with the Higher Self or Communion with the Gods?

Posted By: Maria Cernuto Theophany is a term derived from Greek meaning, “a visible manifestation of a deity;” many cultures and religions have documented dreams in which they believed they had actual visitations from divine beings: angels, gods/goddesses, spiritual guides,...
20 Aug

Another Look At Precognition: Can A Dream Save A Life?

Posted By: Maria Cernuto I wrote on the subject of precognitive dreams in an earlier blog titled, Understanding Precognitive Dreams: Can They Really Tell the Future? Included in that blog was an account of psychic dreaming relating to my father’s death, which is relevant to...
20 Aug

Understanding Precognitive Dreams: Can They Really Tell the Future?

Posted By: Maria Cernuto Approximately 40% of psychic experiences are concerned with “knowing” the future in some way, and dreams are said to be the most common channel for precognition to happen. Precognitive dreams are ones in which a dreamer receives information...