A Book of Miracles by Roberta Ossana

A  Hand from the Sky gives me a package… on the outside of which is a set of THREE GOLDEN KEYS. I think “Oh, someone is giving me a car!” (My conscious mind/ego is often quick to make assumptions.) The package does feel somewhat like a steering wheel…

It¹s not square, not round, but has rounded corners.

The wrapping is sky blue and the side I first see is blank.

When I turn it over. I see printed in Bold White Cloud-Like Letters,

the word:


I awakened while seeing the Word and felt as though transported to another realm.   Blissful, peaceful, blessed place.

Within the next few days, I was approached to take responsibility/custody for my then 12-now 13 1/2 year-old granddaughter. It was not under happy circumstances… but I could see the Light go on in her eyes when I told her this dream and that her coming to live with me was definitely one of the Miracles.

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